Sometimes you need to send an invoice or estimate for a job to more than one person. To make this process easy and effortless, you can now include more than one email address when sending estimates and invoices to your customers.

Sending your invoices and estimates to multiple people is simple. Open the invoice or estimate you'd like to email, click Choose an action and then Email Invoice to Customer. From here, you can add as many additional email addresses as you need. Check it out:

Sending Invoice To Multiple Addresses

You can also customize the message that is sent along with your invoices or estimates. Custom messages let you personalize those emails, and they can be useful when you need to give customers additional info about a specific estimate or invoice. It's completely optional, and your customers will see a friendly default message if you choose not to create your own.

We think this new feature will save you time and streamline the process of getting an invoice or estimate to more than one person. If you have feedback or anything else you'd like to see in WorkWeek, we'd love to hear from you at