People working in wildlife control help keep pesky creatures from intruding into our homes, and any one of these items can help make their lives just a little bit easier. This holiday season, treat your friend, spouse, or significant other with one of these great gift ideas.

Milwaukee 12 compartment organizer

Milwaukee organizer

Wildlife control calls for all sorts of nails, screws, or other little things to take care of critters, and this organizer can help keep track of all of those things and more. Each compartment is 4-inches deep and will ensure everything stays organized and exactly where it belongs. It's also sealed and offers great protection from water and any spills. Get it here.

Trunite LED flashlight

Trunite flashlight

Find all the creatures hiding in the dark with this compact but powerful flashlight. It has two brightness settings, 200 lumen and 400 lumen, and runs on two AA batteries. It's impact resistant as well as waterproof, so it can survive almost anything you can throw at it. Get it here.

Cougar Paw roofer boots

Cougar Paw boots

People working in wildlife control often find themselves scrambling around on roofs while tracking down animals, and these boots can help them stay safe by increasing traction and preventing dangerous slips and falls. The boots are built to maximize comfort while walking on steep pitches and exceed the ASTM rating for slip resistance. Get them here.

Magna magnetic wristband

Magna wrist bands

Sometimes you need an extra set of hands when you're on a roof or in a tight place, and these magnetic wristbands are almost as good. The powerful magnets in the wristbands can hold your screws, nails, bolts, and any thing else that is easily dropped or lost. Get them here

Goodnature humane rat and mouse trap

Goodnature humane rat mouse trap

This trap works for both rats and mice, and is a humane and reusable source for killing them in a humane way. The trap is weather proof and is good for indoors and outdoors, and it doesn't use any poisons or toxins, so it's safe for pets, children, or other wildlife. Get it here.

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